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Discover more about Meeways with our frequently asked questions. We've compiled comprehensive answers to address your queries and provide clarity on our services, processes, and more. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us for personalized assistance.

A Mini Website is a compact, mobile-optimized online presence designed for smartphones. It provides essential information quickly. Unlike regular websites, Mini Websites are streamlined for speed and simplicity, perfect for users on the go.

Meeways is committed to speed. Your Mini Website is optimized to load within 3 seconds, ensuring a seamless user experience and reducing bounce rates.

Absolutely! Meeways provides E-Commerce ready Mini Websites tailored to your business needs. Accept orders with ease, and even integrate with WhatsApp for convenient transactions.

Yes, it will definitely happen. We will forward/redirected your domain with the URL of the mini website.

With Meeways, you have control. You can request changes twice a month, and this service is included in your Mini Website plan. No additional costs for keeping your information up-to-date.

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